New Transformer 3 trailer, one of my shots included!

Well, the shot that was cut from the Superbowl trailer made the Daytona 500 trailer, for reasons that will become clear! It’s a very vehicle focused trailer, and you can see the very first shot I did at ILM when you see Bumblebee swing into frame in Camero mode and transform into his hybrid car mode.

It was a real learning experience this shot, and took a long time for something deceptively simple. It was a great opportunity to do a more memorable shot and it was a ton of fun to work on.

Think there is another trailer in the works, so keep your eye out!

New Transformer 3 Trailer Up!

OMG, FINALLY some real chunky work released to the public! You can check out that drilling machine halfway through the trailer. My main man Alex Lee worked his magic on that in short order and cranked that mofo out shortly! A lot of other really nice work in there (Optimus end shot) was done by my friend Greg Towner, and still leaves my jaw a little bit lower than it had been before.

It’ll be a great movie. Not exactly shakespeare, but shit will be sufficiently blown up as to equal your entertainment per dollar quotient.

At one point, I had a shot