A bellowing sasquatch of a man.

Haha, ok seriously, I’m just a guy who loves animating and has spent long hours in front of a computer, animation books and film trying to become the best I can.

Animation has transformed my life. Most recently I’ve lived in San Francisco working at ILM on Transformers 3. It was an incredible experience and I’m really fortunate to have been part of a studio that inspired me to get involved with computers and art with Jurassic park.

Aside from the work, I’m continually surprised by the incredible people I’ve met through Bioware, Animation Mentor, White Iron and ILM. I’ve made many life long friends through work and they keep me excited about learning and working in a challenging industry.

This website is a great way to keep me honest, humble, and excited to keep sharing what I’ve learned. Throw me an email if you see something you like, or had some critique on something you didn’t!