x100 Moments: Temple Escape Shot

x100 Temple Escape Prep, Ref and Blocking

One of 2 shots I’m tackling next. I thought it’d be fun to do a temple robbing style indy escape with a slipup partway through.

Clarity of emotion and thought process
Instantly relatable.
Make an impact, entertain.

Initial Blocking:

x100 01 templeescape blocking FINAL from Brad Kinley on Vimeo.

Test Pose:



x100 01 templeescape layout FINAL from Brad Kinley on Vimeo.


x100 01 templeescape ref FINAL from Brad Kinley on Vimeo.

Inspiration Gallery:

Character Background:

THE PITCH: A temple robber comes screaming into shot, hits an ancient temple wall so hard it partially crumbles, trips up, and spills, illgotten goods scattering.

THE GEARCHANGE: Panicked Flight -> Stunned -> Realization

WHO: Big, orange, indiana jones.

MOMENT BEFORE: Has fled a series of interior room, checking behind him. Temple natives are close enough to hear but not see.

WHAT IS CHARACTER THINKING AT THIS POINT? ….Gogogogogog…wait!WHAT ARGGH *THUMP*…..ughh….hhhuhhhh….wha…the…sound….OH MAN! GO GO GO GO!


What’s next…

Plus current blocking pass, more detailed imp layout pass.