x100 Mini Acting Moments: Golden poses and shot planning

Here are the shots I’m going to tackle over the summer and fall. I’m starting with the golden poses and then am backing off to I can get do proper planning and reference based on what that initial pose. First step is to answer some background questions and flesh these out a little bit more!


THE PITCH: A gentle giant’s only family is in peril, and he puts his body on the line to protect it.

Panic -> Relief

WHO: A massive giant of a man with a gentle heart. His little dog means everything to him. The dog is skittish and loving, and likely to freeze and shake in the face of danger.

MOMENT BEFORE: The dog has run slightly ahead and the giant is ambling behind him. A cable snaps on a truck and it has sent enormous pipes tumbling and clanking towards the little dog.


WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO SEE? The giant launching himself forward to the little dog and then absorbing a tremendous blow to his back. The shaking little dog freezes and then wags like crazy when the giant opens his eyes. Giant is tremendously relieved.


THE PITCH: A dog sees the evidence of an earlier crime presented, and reacts accordingly.

Attentive -> Embarrassed

WHO: A good, younger (1 year old) dog with some bad habits.

MOMENT BEFORE: The dog just trotted up behind the owner as they fumble with something on the counter. Maybe it’s treats?

WHAT IS CHARACTER THINKING AT THIS POINT? …..OH! What was tha…….ohhhh………..

WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO SEE? Our dog is attentively watching it’s owner. While actively following their movements, something drops in front of the pup and startles it. When they realize what it is, they are distraught and embarrassed and become very submissive.


THE PITCH: After a hugely exciting trip to the park, the wee giant’s daughter has passed out. Off to bed.

Bemused/Tender -> Protective

WHO: Wee giant is a gentle man and protective father. His pixie like daughter has more energy than most but is completely exhausted.

MOMENT BEFORE: The daughter was playing with some toys and decided to lay down while she was doing so. Wee giant was off doing chores and had just walked by the playroom to see the daughter passed out.

WHAT IS CHARACTER THINKING AT THIS POINT? ….hah! she was so wire moments before….I should take her to bed…

WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO SEE? The daughter curled up and passed out on the floor. The wee giant is standing there studying her, and then gently lifts her up and puts her on his shoulder. He starts to walk away.


THE PITCH: Aman sleeping on a park bench wakes up a little disoriented and embarrassed. He checks to see if anyone saw.

Asleep/Relaxed -> Embarrassed

WHO: An older person on a bench…but someone who still cares deeply about how they are seen.

MOMENT BEFORE: Wee giant is an older giant and has dozed off in the sun. People have walked by and noticed but not stopped.

WHAT IS CHARACTER THINKING AT THIS POINT? …..zzzzzzzzzzzz….zzz…uh..HHH! Ohmywher…..oh…..I hope nobody saw.

WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO SEE? Wee giant swaying lightly in a light sleep. A bicycle bell in the distance wakes him up and startles him. He moves from disoriented to embarassed and looking around quickly.


THE PITCH: A man frantically waving away at bees to be stung and run off grabbing the spot.

Panicked -> Shocked

WHO: A strong, young wee giant who doesn’t know how to deal with these tiny dangers.

MOMENT BEFORE: Had just brushed a bee hive at the edge of a nature path.


WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO SEE? Big lazy arm swings spinning around in circles. One bee lines up and take a run at wee giant’s butt. Sends wee giant into the air and then landing and running with his hands on his butt.


THE PITCH: A bit of crushing news comes through email to wee giant.

Focused -> Devastated

WHO: A man who has been on edge and run ragged for a very long time.

MOMENT BEFORE: He’s just sat down at the computer and is waiting for an email.

WHAT IS CHARACTER THINKING AT THIS POINT? I should have heard from now…I can’t stan….oh here……oh god……..

WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO SEE? Wee giant focused intently on the screen, cracks and shudders/trembles uncontrollably


THE PITCH: Wee giant walking along hooks his foot around a steel pipe and lays himself out. He just barely gets over the shock before realizing there is a spider inches from his nose, and he’s deathly afraid of spiders.

Shocked/Hurt -> Panicked

WHO: A broad shouldered wee giant not used to running from anything, but terrified of spiders.

MOMENT BEFORE: Looking around while out on a walk wee giant is distracted and just at that point catches his foot.


WHAT WOULD I LIKE TO SEE? A huge tree falling style trip and impact with lots of residual energy. A clear bleary eyed open, and then shock and a jolt of adrenaline and movement.


THE PITCH: A girl scanning the horizon spots someone else scanning the horizon a good distance away. They see each other and she steps out in an exuberant manner waves hello.

Exhuberant scanning -> Recognition of someone doing the same -> Urge to conenct

WHO: A young woman who has an openess and lust for life that most people lose much earlier on.

MOMENT BEFORE: She’s put a quarter into the binoculars and is scanning the sea wall looking for seals.

WHAT IS CHARACTER THINKING AT THIS POINT? …..hey! They’re looking through one as well…I wonder if they’ll see….they did! HELLLOO! HEEEELLLLLLOOOO!


What’s next…

…take my favorite poses and expand them out into shots!