x100 Homecoming shot polished and final.

x100 Homecoming Polished and Final.

I plussed up my spline pass, and then worked in the details (bendbows, facial, squash/stretch, fnier finger work etc..). I’m happy with where this is now. It’s what I was hoping my idea would look like and I felt like I was in control of it being so all throughout the process.

I’m hoping to portray a half panicked wife coming to meet ships streaming back into the harbor the war, unsure of her husband’s fate until she spots him in a pair of binoculars.

Clarity of emotion and thought process
Instantly relatable.
Make an impact, entertain.

Polished and Final:

Test Pose:



Inspiration Gallery:

Character Background:

THE PITCH: A warwife run along a pier as a series of heavily damage naval ships come into the port. Her husband’s ship limps in, but is heavily damaged. The crew stands on the deck, and she can’t tell if he is amongst them. A pair of tourist binoculars allow her to scan and then recognize her husband. She leaps up in an exuberant manner waving and then sprints down the rest of the pier.

THE GEARCHANGE: Breathless anticipation -> Recognition -> Joy

WHO: A young woman who has been held in a purgatory of sorts, unsure if her husband is alive or dead at the end of WWII.

MOMENT BEFORE: She has been walking down a pier, occassionally stopping to scan the horizon as ships stream into the harbour. She can’t quite see at this distance.

WHAT IS CHARACTER THINKING AT THIS POINT? ….there’s his ship, but….I can’t…ARG…wait! I’ll just take a peek through….wherreeee…..YES! That’s him! He’s looking OH MY GOD HELLLOOOO !


What’s next…

…I’ve got a new project going on!