x100 Mini Moments: Startled Awake Final

x100 Mini Moments: Goals

I’m animating a series of x100 ‘mini moments’ where a character has a clear gear change in a recognizable situation.

Real situations and context.
Clarity in emotional change.
Instantly relatable.
Make an impact in 100 frames.


x100 Mini Moment: Startled Awake Shot Final

This shot I wanted to convey the idea of someone drifting off to sleep, then startling themselves awake and reacting to that. My dog and newborn son both drop off ocassionally and startle themselves like this and it was a lot of fun looking for the cue that would get that idea (hopefully) across.

Next Steps?

Barring major crit on this, I’ll tackle shooting reference for the next shot!
You can see the golden poses and layout I’ve done here: http://bradkinley.com/?p=1925